Thursday, July 5, 2012

More market preperations...

What a run of madness!
Since the market at Wyetti this last Saturday, we moved the horsebeast, Sonny, to his new stable.
I've been getting fit with grooming and mucking out, and this Saturday we start working for reals!

Inbetween now and then however, is the night market at Henley Arms in Henley-on-klip.
I'm really hoping sales go a bit better and I'm hoping to have a great time as always there.

I haven't made anything really new as there's just SO MUCH stock.

I have however, added a "CLEARANCE" section to our Etsy store.
Keep an eye on our Twitter for my listing promotions that I so diligently see to everyday *shew*.

Resin cameos on chain

modified glass cab necklaces. Birds!
Dyed agate braided bracelets (customs made)

Dyed howlite skull beads/braided bracelets (in custom colours/sizes)

Until the next update. Ciao!

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