Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little things...

Well... our blog has been a bit quiet, mainly due to alot of work at the stables taking up spare time right now as I get my horse prepared for his first show in years.
Right now, I feel like the move was worth it.

But onto Wonder Struck Inc. matters...

The little place I will be residing in and which will be Wonder Struck Inc HQ, is coming along nicely.
Painting has been done. Tiling has been done. Electricity has been connected and is working.
I am grateful to have a great step mom who has taken alot of this organising and sorting onto her shoulders... thanks Ma.

I've also started getting all the little bits and pieces together, in my excitement at how close its getting to moving in!
Can't wait to show you all the new place!

Then, as always, I'm continuing to better my work and Wonder Struck Inc. stock.
I'm also trying to make stock more accessible to the non-Etsy and non-paypal users here in South Africa by adding an online store for them!
There's still loads of tweaking and sorting out to on it, but I'm learning all this by doing.
I can just *see* the webpage fundis shivering at the thought ;)

Anyone ordering from our Etsy store from here on out will start finding rather odd, but practical freebie additions to your packages.
Craft supplies will be getting wooden coaster blanks/wooden box blanks/extra pieces, in and apart of the packaging, while those buying our ready to wear/use/gift listings will be getting glam, reusable, recycleable tin boxes that your purchases will be in.

I really want you to get your moneys worth, while feeling special, all in one little package.
So I hope you guys enjoy.

I'm feeling really good about July/August, and I won't let the dismal sales figures get me down.

Go out and support handmade!
And have a great Thursday!

Much love!

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