Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little glitches...

Well... I decided to delete the last post because I wasn't able to put up any links to the store I wanted to brag about... now all the pictures I have of our first ever buys from the store...are on my phone.

Well, we'll tell you about this dame anyway....
her name is... India and her store is a MUST on Etsy.
This fantastic chick is a resin jewellery artis and you will NOT be disappointed in her stuff. ;)
(once we've sorted out our picture confusion I'll load them and link them, so that you can SEE what I mean)

Other than that...
redoing a whole bunch of store processes, what with the new name and all.
Making some very cute little handmade jewellery tags for all our goodies that you'll see at our stalls and merch tables this year, and if you buy from the Supply Stuff section in our Etsy store, we'll throw some in for you to attach to your finished goods if you want ;)

With that...back to trying to make stuff.
Have a GREAT Saturday night humans ;)

3 of Wonder Struck Inc's 4 delightful puppymonsters..making an evening of it 

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