Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For a cause...

We've all been for the causes close to our hearts...
Like donating to The Horsecare Unit, the Lippizaners, Stop Rhino Poaching... and now...something a little closer to home for us.

Our friend Michelle's cat was run over by a car a few days ago.
Though he is stable, 1 eye less, and kind of sitting up again, he is currently in need of an operation involving fixing his lower jaw with metal plates.
This will enable him to eventually get off drips and eat on his own again.
Unfortunately his vet care till now has tapped out Michelle's account and she is desperately trying to raise the R 6000 the vet says it'll cost for this next operation.
So... if you live in Henley-on-Klip or Meyerton... Michelle works as the chef at Bare Foods, where they currently have a collection box going for this 9 lives feline. If you can get out there to give a direct donation it'd be appreciated.

Wonder Struck Inc will be giving 50% of total sales made this Saturday to Michelle's cause aswell.
And we'll donating part of our profits on Etsy sales to her aswell.
If there is anyone with Paypal or EFT only facilities available, contact us so we can give you details to help out.

And thank you already to many people in Henley village who have been putting money in the box for Michelle's vet bills. Its so fantastic to see how everyone can get together and help out.

Wyetti Craft market is happening this Saturday from 09H00 - 15H00 in Wargrave Road, Henley-on-klip.

Come join the fun!

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