Friday, March 8, 2013

The Inbetweens...

Well... on the odd occasion I get to sit infront of my pc early on a Saturday morning and update the blog. Like today.

And it doesn't matter that the only reason I'm up early is because puppymonster playtime started... on my bed... at 5am... no no no, I'm up early because I just HAD to let the monsters out and get myself a HUGE mug of coffee (insert zombie growlings here).

I have, however, come across a very very interesting Etsy store that just sets my "craft envy" a flutter, Sparrow Salvage.
At this very moment, her store is in vacation mode until the 15th (as per her shopfront announcement), but you can still peruse the feedback section and the sold items section to see just what this little shop does.
Funny enough, I didn't find this store via Etsy, but via the blog on the interwebs.
Yea, bad Zoo for not doing searches on Etsy, but look what I found! I am so smitten with what I've seen so far, and I almost cannot wait for it to be out of vacation mode so I can see what else is there!

As I wait for more goods to finish curing, and as my entire stock box is spread out over a table in the my tiny living room, I realise I'm swamped and the next market might only be the 23rd of March.
So... I'm going to do something very big (for the store), and I hope you'll take the leap and take advantage of it...

Ah yes... well, it's evident enough by the coupon code just where this might be headed ;) Hopefully you all will take advantage of this and buy out the shop as much as is possible.
If you don't know what our Etsy store link is (or if you can't quite click on the tab above the blog):

Please note that this code will only apply to the products and NOT to shipping (we use only registered/tracked postage), so you'll pay for the faster, safer choice all the time ;)

I haven't started an instagram specifically for Wonder Struck Inc., but there are bits and pieces about what I'm working:  Zoocatty on Instagram

These little ones are being listed on Etsy this morning, consider them One of a Kind.

Also, this pair is going up ;)

So yea, I may not be manning a market stall today, but I'm already being productive! Even though I don't feel like I'm "working".

Well, almost 8am, so let me start with what else is on my "to-do" list for this weekend. 
Have a great one humans, and if you're in South Africa, keep it safe at Ramfest guys!

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