Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seasons wither...

As cosmos lines the roads and dots the fields of grass in shades of oranges and yellows...yup Autumn has arrived.

As the weather gets colder we'll be wrapping up to sit out at the markets, but the next few markets should still be warm enough for hot outings.

In 9 days we'll be at Wyetti Market in Henley.
The 5th of April is the night market at Henley Arms and the 6th of April is the market and pumpkin weigh in at The R59 Shed market.
We also have a night market at The Shed during April, so keep an eye out for the date once we confirm.

There's A LOT of resin stock joining me now in the next few markets. Come grab some for yourself.
Loads of freebies will be given away with purchases at the next few markets, which will be great for the tighter purse strings.

Loads of new signage, New tablecloths, new displays, New setups.
We're growing, after all :)

Can't wait to see you there!

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