Saturday, March 14, 2015

Moment of rest...

Things didn't slow up after yesterday, and exhaustion (inside and out) started taking over.
Many a crafty will tell you "what office hours?!"
So even after an early night last night, 7pm tonight I HAD to take a... "nap".
Woke up with a squeaky toy being chomped on next to my ear. So I'm awake and working again.

This week also marked our first sale on our HelloPretty store. Small deal to some, BIG deal to us.

We've also been spending time slowly adding things very carefully to the HelloPretty store, and soon some selected pieces will be going onto the online store connected by the "shop now" tab on our Facebook page.

But apart from the stores.... lots of newness going onto the table at markets, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you peruse our Facebook albums, you'll note we've been adding alot of cameos into the SUPPLY STUFF album.
Lots and lots have been made and well... time to clear out the overflowing store boxes and spaces.
Prices and availability on all ready made items are in the picture descriptions.

So until later, happy shopping! ;)

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